Thursday, June 30, 2011

Episodes #8-9: Halfway

These episodes do a good job teasing you with hints of plot extension. The girl trapped in the robot hints that she might give herself away while the girl trapped in the game seems to elude all attempts at identification. Before the robot can free itself, however, it seems as though trouble with the parents may make it run away. While truancy in a 1-ton killing machine may not be the impetus behind it’s capture, it sure does extend the series past any hope of cylon uprising. This raises an interesting issue, do we watch prequels to fulfill an inevitable environmental creation or do we watch them so as to question assumptions seen in the original? In this instance, and the vast majority of others, we watch because they are available. Good cinema makes you want more at the end of a show, good marketing makes you look for it in different places.
Competing interests are arising between two factions within the terrorist monotheist organization. One led by a nun and another by a man named Barnabus. If you’re familiar with your biblical aetiology then you know this is stupid. These groups are able to sustain themselves with a grassroots bicycle mechanics consortium. This is because, in the future, bicycle mechanics will comprise the most critical of all the industrial sectors. If you haven’t already done so, make sure to buy stock in 3-in-1 and short pants.
An interesting thing happens in the second of these episodes: an action sequence. Before you get too excited it’s a car chase involving a Sienna. Counterpoint: it’s the most fuel efficient chase on the sci-fi channel. I’ve begun to realize that this is the halfway point in the series. At this point we’ve gone from daughter to computer program to daughter-controlled robot, daughter to computer program and son to thug. Where we need to be is robotS, robot and admiral, respectively. High hopes.

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