Thursday, June 30, 2011

Episodes #5-6: Character development

In these episodes a theme of adolescent angst seems to be pushing character development rather holding it back as per normal. One of the characters, still stuck in a robot, is now met by another adolescent stuck in a computer program. As with any internship, she finds herself at the mercy of a world stacked against her. Unlike an internship she seems to be able to find remuneration. These stresses have placed both of these stuck characters’ fathers into self doubt and guilt – pushing them, predictably, towards internet gaming.
The professor states that ‘I have agreed to give up my most profitable product but there’s a consequence’. Who knew. Notable quotations continue as one of the IT guys states that ‘[there are] twelve planets and nobody wants to go out with me’. Fortunately, this serves only to pander to the target audience.
In the meantime the nun’s mysterious actions seem to be hinged around a desire to immortalize herself. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that … Given that means and ends don’t seem to contradict she proceeds to inebriate the mother of one of the trapped girls in order to get information to that end. While she herself seems to be on the wrong end of an opium pipe. . . is there a right end?
These two episodes serve to introduce a not-too-subtle villain: a man who threatens the professor telling him that their competing interests make him angry and violent. Unfortunately, veiled threats such as ‘I’ll destroy your company’ and ‘I’ll take everything you love’ are unappreciated by the professor thus committing us to another malady-aux-cosby for the foreseeable future.

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