Thursday, June 30, 2011

Episode #7: Limbo

This episode introduces an alternate game-based reality called ‘new cap city’ wherein no rules apply. It’s telling that in a world mirrored on classical Greek society an alternate hedonistic society would develop – cue Dionysus. Is it a reaction to an overly orchestrated life or is it true desire? The answer, of course, is neither: ‘prevent nerds from positions of power.’ Unfortunately, if we follow through with this Alberta Liberals may struggle to find leadership necessary to falter. . . too soon?
It turns out that the professor’s wife’s breaking point for opium use is a single call from a girlfriend. This is interesting as her breaking point for denouncing her daughter as a terrorist was a single home movie. I wonder if it’s technically a character flaw if it’s necessary for the plot to move forward? Either way the conversation’s moot as it turns out that the professor’s wife suffers from severe psychosis. A good reminder both for the prevalence of mental illness and the danger of psychotropic medication. In her stupor she states that ‘surviving is the punishment for leaving things unsaid.’ I wonder how true that is? Do we create a world of limbo in order to live with past decisions? Do our actions predict our ability to see? Does this make third party guilt professionally unattainable?
On the robot front, progress is being made. . . hopefully no obstructive relationships will develop. In regards to the latter – it already has. Cue romantic robotic relationship. Shoot.

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