Thursday, June 30, 2011

Episode #3: Paint Drying

I’m starting to believe that my brevity re: actual plot content is less important now that both Steve and Scott narrate the shit out of each episode. This is good for two reasons: 1) sci-fi doesn’t do nearly as much educating as it used to and 2) this blog will never be printed. If anything, the disgust of the robustness of the other’s comments should convince nerds to plant trees.
Shocking revelations in this episode include a brief tutorial on how to turn your young nephew into a hooligan and the fact that, in the future, we will bring back videotapes and old russian cars. Is this a dystopia? Probably not, odds are that I don't know what that word means.
This might be nitpicking, but how hard is it to make a house look decrepit. I do know that If a nice motorcycle sans headlamp and gas tank were on my yard it would make my house look like it had potential.
The plot continues with the gradual initiation of a lawyer's son into the intricacies of an underground syndicate. The lawyer himself seems to have fallen into the same trap. I would have thought it would have been harder to corrupt a lawyer...
Unfortunately, this episode does not extend beyond setting the stage for the development of tension between the audience and the teacher, hidden child in robot, and the professor - something that was accomplished in the previous episode and something aspired to in any other soap opera. Come on robots, you don't have to build tension. You are robots, you can release it.

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