Thursday, June 30, 2011

Episode #18

Well, the Adama’s child was killed. That’s the end of future Battlestar . . . I’d apologize for ruining the series but they just did that. The mob killed the Adama child but has since ceased hostilities with the Adamas. The Goitroi, no, don’t check your thyroids, this is the name of the leader of the mob, feels that any past wrongs are righted. That’s mobster math for you. Love DNE. Unfortunately, while betraying his adopted sons, the goitroi hadn’t counted on being betrayed by his daughter. This is why mob family trees are easy to draw – long and thin.
Meanwhile, the monotheist terrorists are planning on using suicide bombers in order to bring more believers to an artificial heaven. This is a syllogism with the middle part missing. It is now up to the professor, on the run from the law as he was labelled a terrorist, to personally stop this. To be fair, it sure looks like they’re terrorists: shifty eyes, going everywhere quickly, wearing sunglasses. Fortunately the professor and his wife are able to shrug off this label by commandeering military hardware to kill those bystanders (actually terrorists). More than just a lesson in stereotypes, this episode helps us understand that it literally takes 2 people to change a planet. But lessons don’t stop there. Apparently responding to violent terrorists in kind comes only with rewards.
Progress happens in the last four minutes. It takes this long to show the proliferation of cylons and the glimmer of humanity and subsequent resentment of those who would define humanity differently that prompt the assumptions behind the first ‘battlestar galactica’.

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