Thursday, June 30, 2011

Episode #14

Good news: space ships. Bad news: they’re attempting to recreate the children’s crusade. Good news: slight deviations in environment give me reason to repress this idea. Bad news: they’re bad at being subtle. Good news: the monotheist crusaders are getting robots. Bad news: Christians using firepower as a means of instituting dogma is a theme that’s just a little too historically true for comfort.
The mob has infiltrated corporate Caprica. It’s interesting how easily they seem to fit in. The only difference seems to be that the mob is honest about what they do.
Creation of an artificial intelligence is the preoccupation of the professor in this episode. As he attempts to create his perfect, albeit artificial, wife, his obsession with recreation ironically takes him further and further from reality. That might just be a clever coping mechanism as his business partners have planned on assassinating him.
Ultimately, this episode concerns itself with the development of the robot product line and the impetus behind non-human combatants. In this age of drone warfare, I’m not sure it’s an alien concept. Is having one robot army designed so as to fight another robot army laziness or the logical endpoint of dehumanization of violence?

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