Thursday, June 30, 2011

Episode #16

The back and forth ‘I-found-you-now-your-gone’ game performed by the professor with his daughter is nearing its’ zenith. Fortunately, this equal opportunity emotional manipulation brings the professor and his wife together – solid foundations make for solid marriages. At this point in the series the writers have to know that their show has been cancelled, they have to know that the only thing they can give their viewers is closure. Unfortunately, the writers seem to have been educated by watching daytime tv. One of the characters asks his superior a question about this problem to which she replies: ‘ problems are only problems if you want to solve them.’ Do you get to a point in your fine arts degree when you even start making no sense to yourself? Do you get published de facto or do you need to rinse off your patchouli before submitting quasi-existential rhetoric?
Next up in Caprica, emotional turmoil has spoiled one of the first scenes with an active robot army presence. To a lot of people, a highly armed robot does not mean ‘identity crisis’. To the writers of Caprica it means a chance to explore the intricacies of control and human nature. Congratulations, you’re like the contributor who adds a 5-page addendum to the 3 page review.
Finally, a new character has been added to complicate the life of the Adamas. I’m just going to make a prediction online here that characters involved in the end scenes of the show rarely make it to said ending. To make matters more predictive she seems to be trying to undermine the secrete plans of the Adamas using the powers of passive aggressive defence mechanisms – but you wouldn’t be interested if I told you about that.

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