Thursday, June 30, 2011

Episode #12

The professor’s wife has begun infiltrating the nun’s world – an interesting role reversal given that she had her own life infiltrated by the nun. Starting to limit the number of potential safe interactions any character can have given that most permutations have already been soiled.
Unfortunately, the two girls, both stuck in a computer program, have started attacking eachother for one’s membership in the group. The professor’s daughter, however, won’t fight back. She states that this is an act of contrition. Unfortunately she is caught in a virtual world wherein neither can die. This makes for a complicated environment in which to exact revenge . . . or really uncomplicated. I guess it depends on where your views of ‘just war’ theology lie.
In the meantime the friend of the trapped girl has been kidnapped following her fealty to the losing side of the terrorist cell civil war. The ‘winning side’ of a terrorist schism being a bit of an indistinct term. She’s locked in the attic of a suburban home. How many suburban homes are built to be holding cells? My childhood attic was infiltrated by pigeons. Pigeons.
In a final act of submission, the man who would have taken power from the professor
(but subsequently failed) kills himself by stabbing himself in the heart in the professor’s home. Is that even possible? Would you have the motivation or the energy for a final dramatic statement? He did. Priorities. But I suppose that’s what this episode was about – lack of regard for the destructive consequences of one’s actions in order to achieve that final goal. The would-be terrorist exploded, the nun isolated her family, the professor pushed his wife away, the police officer ignored his commanding officer – all so that their end goals could be enacted. Is this the mark of a hero, a coward, or decisively thin character development?

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