Thursday, June 30, 2011

Episodes #15

The Adama brothers are getting promoted: that’s right, they’re getting ink done. In order to move forward in any criminal organization you need to practice subtle criminality which is best exhibited by a tattoo on your face. Flashbacks from the childhood of the Adamas shows a family tightly knit by allegiance: ‘family ties are principal, second only to personal honor’. It’s unfortunate then that this attempt at keeping the family together ends up pushing the boys into the mob and perpetuating the cycle. One of the Adamas states that ‘there’s blood in the soil’ – I guess that’s how you grow violence.
On nun news: the professor’s wife, having infiltrated the nun’s polyamorous abode, is now working with the police in order to help indict the nun. Before you google ‘polyamorous nun’ and spending the next few hours deleting internet history keep in mind that she’s only a front-nun for a terrorist cell. The unfortunate part of this subplot is that the nun has her own informant in the police office (yes, the only police office which the planet Caprica has) who happens to be the chief. I’d say the nun has a cardinal position, but that seems too convent-ional.

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