Thursday, June 30, 2011

Episode #4: Gladiators and Facebook

The episode starts with a statement from one of the protagonists: “people don’t want answers, people want contrition”. I guess that’s why we have gladiators and facebook. Other things learned include the fact that the word ‘street’ = cool. I’m street’s ahead.
The more that happens in these people’s lives means the less robot development that occurs. The denouement of this act came when they taught a robot to dance – unfortunately that too promoted a romantic relationship . . . between the robot girl and a programmer.
Flip phones, 2 cycle motorcycles and dot matrix printers – come on! You can’t just take the best parts of today and the worst parts of the 80s. That’s like putting an MP3 player in a Pinto.
Did you ever see an episode of the Cosby show where the complications could be avoided by one protagonist admitting the truth to another and being frustrated that that hadn’t happened. Imagine if that was stretched out over 4 episodes and prevented you from seeing more robots. This is a frustrating segue. Heathcliff!!!!

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