Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Episode #2: Memorials and Parenting

Thanks to the tardiness of the previous post the fans have been pre-baiting their breath for this definitive analysis of the second episode. While a late post has lead to a loss in regularity it has brought a fresh perspective from someone very regular. That’s right, Steve is full of shit. Or as they say on Caprica: 'shrat'. I don’t have any particular criticism of his remarks but it does seem like a good time to introduce animosity into the conversation. Peristaltically, in the vernacular, onwards and outwards…
Things in this episode I have learned so far: poor people are angry, Taurons go to Tauron-school, monotheists wear dresses and are polyamorous, and aliens from planets without flowers become criminals. This episode features the struggle of a girl trapped within a cylon body. Interestingly, the father (ignorant of this fact) chooses to work on the cylon thereby freeing her instead of going to the memorial of his daughter. This juxtaposition is only really interesting when one looks at it from a parenting position: repression and betrayal beget development. Take that freud.
At this point in the episode another interesting subplot is developing. The apparently monotheistic teacher seems to be seducing a student with one of her husbands. However, she is confronted by her family members and does what any reasonable high school teacher would do - falls off the wagon. To be fair, there's not much apparent wagon to start with.
What this episode does get across is that parenting isn't easy, the best parenting needs to be internalized into the child. Specifically, within a robot.

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