Friday, January 28, 2011

Episode #1: More science please

I'll start this by saying that we're going to try to review the discontinued series 'Caprica' in an armchair setting (hence coasters). We'll try to capture our feelings as we watch the episodes.

For a show about science fiction based on a show made famous in science fiction the first episode of Caprica lacks anything but passing remarks about other planets, tattooed off-world gangsters, and a holographic facebook. Aside from the gratuitous nudity, in fact, nothing else about this episode seems geared towards it's target audience: lonely men. Let me temper this last point so as not to anger other nerds - let's see more robots. A few other things about this episode bother me as well: 1) monotheists do not necessarily blow up all trains, and 2) physicians don't get nice offices. These assumptions border on the violent . . . which is ironic as this is something else this episode lacks.
That said, this episode definitely develops a theology which justifies a lot of what the cylons say later. A counterpoint to this is, of course: 'who cares'. To conclude: as is true in life, this episode shows how one daughter's love can directly power the killing power of autonomous robots.


  1. Great. As if my want list isn't long enough, now I'll have to add 18 episodes of Caprica... Thanks a lot JEREMY.

  2. BTW, since I'm not a disciplined writer, and have always preferred picture books over chapter books, my most active blog is mostly pictures. If you're interested in the theme "Futuristic, retro, and Sci-fi" check out . I think I already have a Caprica entry but if not, I'm sure I can scare one up before you read this...